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Welcome to Reality Gaming.

Welcome to Reality Gaming Simulations, a community project bringing together an international group of talented individuals to create an online military Task Force. We use rank, provide skill based training and qualifications alongside immersive entertaining operations every week. We provide our members with structure, leadership and direction while giving you a chance to develop your skills and grow within our organisation. Your journey starts here.

Our Organisation.

Reality Gaming takes pride in operating a ZERO drama policy. Our experienced Staff produce and support all external community assets. Our Milsim leaders provide all the internal operational organisation, leading our operations as Officers and NCO's. This is a mature 18+ group - our members have several external commitments, family, children, professional studies and full time careers, we are flexible and understand our members individual circumstances.

Leadership Skills.

Develop real life leadership skills by working alongside true professionals and veteran members. We provide a mentor officer program for those who have the aptitude.

Specialised Training.

Our weapon systems and comms structure requires an understanding beyond a typical milsim experience, we provide all the training you need to be the best you can be.


Our gallery allows soldiers to contribute to an internal visual library of our Operational adventures. War photography and combat journalism has always been a big part of Reality Gaming.


Share or live stream content that will be showcased on our site, re-live experiences you enjoyed again and again as we document our evolution and growth through your eyes.

Web Design.

Our site has been designed from the ground up by real gamers, providing our Task Force with a world class platform to showcase our amazing achievements.


The DEV's and STAFF at RG are always working towards perfecting our community. We are a group of talented friends with a dream, join us and help us make RG the best MILSIM community in the world.

MILSIM Structure.

Our Task Force is made up of 4 main sections. Command, Infantry, Combined Support Group, Special Operations. All sections work to support the main Infantry platoon, the hammer of Reality Gaming. Our support sections use a variety of weapon systems and tactics to co-ordinate systematic attacks on enemy locations. We use modern weapon systems and assets to create a realistic approach to warfare.

Command & Control.

Task Force Operations Command and Control Element (TFOCCE) is the focal point for the synchronisation of Task Force activities within operations. Its level of authority and responsibility may vary widely. The TFOCCE can also receive special operations forces operational, intelligence, and target acquisition reports directly from deployed elements and provide them to the supported component.

1st Rifles Platoon.

Our Infantry Platoon is tasked with identifying and destroying the enemy and is responsible for all conventional infantry operations, they are capable of attacking and defending and are Heavy Weapons Capable (HWC). The Platoon is broken down into 5 groups: Platoon Command, and sections Arrow, Blade and Cutlass and Dagger.

Combined Support Group.

Talon supports RG’s core infantry element Gambler with both air and highly mobile ground assets. Talon Air utilises a variety of standard and modified airframes to provide transport, logistics and close air support.

Special Operations.

RG SOG is a special operations force tasked with five primary missions: unconventional warfare (the original and most important mission of Special Forces), foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance, direct action, and counter-terrorism.

Our Sections.


Command and Control

HQ are a group of veteran leaders within RG. They provide the organisation and co-ordination of the Task Force. The Task Force commander works with all sections to achieve our goals. We break out the Whiskey and Cigars on a good day.


Core Infantry Platoon

This is where all new recruits start their journey. Our infantry is the largest section and have a long history of comradery and mutual respect for one another. Gambler see the most action and pride themselves in getting the job done.


Combined Support Group

With access to the largest group of assets available, Talon specialise in all aspects of support roles. From transportation to Close Air Support, Talon provide the Task Force with unique capabilities from talented reliable individuals.


Special Operations

Following exceptional services within the Task Force and with enough raw talent, Vegas might just be the place for you. Our special forces allows you access to specialised weapon systems while conducting tasks relating to our overall mission objectives.

  • We're really just a bunch of smart, mature, professional dudes who were gamers long before we were grown ups!

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    Andrews Owner, Head Admin
  • I joined RG as a recruit in 2014, now I am helping to lead the community forward into 2016

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    Mars Developer, Commander
  • If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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    Helios Developer, Leader