About Reality Gaming

So you want to know more about our Task Force?

Our community is designed to connect genuine adult gamers into an organised on-line Military Task force. We are a gaming community with decades of experience creating simulations in a realistic way. Our team create custom scenarios supported by role play. This combined with our first hand knowledge of military tactics and procedures, helps our team create and organise advanced large scale co-op campaigns and PvP battles. We provide our service for those whom seek to do the same. We are always looking for new volunteers and dedicated members.

Community Q&A:

Q. Do I have to be skilled at ARMA 3 to Participate?

A. We need to maintain a certain standard of skill. Full training is provided.

Q. How do you guys communicate.

A. We use a combination of forums, teamspeak and discord.

Q. Do you have to be over 18 to join.

A. Yes. Exceptions are made if you have a family member or referrer within RG. We are a very mature community.

Q. When do you conduct operations?

A. Every Wednesday (7pm) and Sunday (6pm) Time are GMT

Q. How serious are you out of the game on TS (Yes sir, no sir?)

A. We are all friends and only use our ranks and milsim roles in game. Staff and mods are here to help. Leaders lead during official ops.

Q. I'm a busy man, what are the attendance requirements?

A. 2 x Per Week, Wed Training and Sunday Ops. Leave of absence is permited with notice.

Q. Where are you guys from?

A. International (English Speaking) - Euro Time Zone.

Q. What are your deployments?

A. We try to have 1 or 2 deployments each year. They last 1 to 2 months. Each week has a win or fail condition.

Q. Do you do PVP or do Operations with other units?

A. No. We only use ARMA 3 for co-operative play internally only.

Q. What is Reality Gaming?
Reality Gaming, also known as online War Gaming by definition - is a way of using different commercially released gaming platforms to recreate and represent a military operation. It is hard to accurately and completely define what military simulation (milsim) means. It could mean anything from a realistic portrayal of combat action or a mock simulation within deployments or training.
Reality Gaming Simulation (RGS) is our use of real world military strategy and tactics within gaming to portray realistic military scenarios. It is very easy to take military simulation too far, we here at Reality Gaming try to find a balance between Military Simulation, Fun while remaining respectful to those in the Armed Services around the world. We also have serving and ex-serving members in our taskforce giving RG first hand advice on tatics while helping to create realistic missions and training.
Reality Gaming has also been compered to a VOM (Virtual Online Military) organisation.
Q. I want to join RG and give support. How can I do this?
While having a limited budget may make it hard for you to support Reality Gaming, there are options. Reality Gaming is a FREE to PLAY service provided by the staff at RG and its donating members. We were all once young gamers and want to build a community that is welcoming and free for all. In exchange for your entertainment, we ask you to donate what you can, when you can.
Donators are given several benifits for supporting the community.
Q. Well, I don't know anything about Military Tactics.
That is fine, these things can be taught. The members here will be more than glad to show you the ropes. Our leaders will find you a good team and make sure that they go over tactics and procedures with you. If they don't, contact a member of RG staff. All squad leaders and their company CO's should make you feel welcome and at home in your new community regardless of experience.
Q. I am under 18, but I want to join Reality Gaming.
While it is hard to be part of the community and be under 18, exceptions are made. Talk to one of the many teams of Reality Gaming and casually play with them. Have them help you out and show you how things work in RG. You will then be allowed to attend RG events with your team vouching for you and if you're a good player you'll gain a reputation as such and be allowed in the Reality Gaming community. Remember though, you're still an under 16 player and will have to try twice as hard to be a respectful and mature member.
Q. What kind of equipment should I have?
Aside from a working fully patched ARMA 3 + APEX with a working PC, A clear working mic is a must! Communication between squads and leaders is a very huge part of RG, as much as it is in the real world. If you don't know what everyone else on the team is doing, then chances are you are not going to excel in the game. Having a mic and using proper radio etiquette is very important. Having a headset is very important also, as it keeps your hands free and allows you to communicate more quickly and helps you to be quieter while relaying information.
Q. What is proper radio etiquette?
Proper radio etiquette is only sending concise and useful information over the RG operational airwaves. Knowing what you're going to say is very important before you try to say anything on the radio. Letting others know who you are and giving a proper situation report is very important. Also, letting others know when your message is finished by saying the words "over". Your team should help you further proper etiquette and teach you the proper way to speak on the air.
Q. Where and what time do you play milsim missions?
We have casual gatherings on TS (Team Speak) everyday. You can check the forums and front page for any operational news. All RG based organised missions will be campaigns with a specific background and may have eliments of role playing and in-depth background.
Please read the required briefings to ensure you are up to date with all mission intel. We mainly work on GMT time. Details on our teamspeak can be found here.
Global Deployments
Reality Gaming operates in all areas of the world and in all types of operations, utilising our high standards of training to perform in any situation. These official missions take place once a week and can vary from slow paced patrol missions with sudden bursts of action, or capturing a high valuable target while enemy reinforcements are moving in fast, to large-scale conventional warfare. In addition to that, we also have a training day once a week where we practice core skills and operational techniques, ranging from convoy training, or urban operations, all the way to parachute operations.
We have scheduled large scale deployment, that is driven by a planned and structured storyline complete with background history of the operation and detailed briefings. These campaigns are packed with high intensity action, fun, immersion and a lot more. It is the level of immersion and involvement that makes these campaigns stand out, where our actions in one operation will directly affect what happens in the next. This is truly simulation gaming.
Membership Flexibility
At Reality Gaming we have a flexible system in terms of attendance. We do not force our members to be online every operation night or training. We understand the fact that our members should only attend if they have the time and the desire to play. Therefore we have a Leave Of Absence (LOA) system, which means that if ever you are not able to attend an operation, you simply post an LOA and there are no problems. 
We hope these questions helped and we look forward to seeing you on the Battlefield.
The Reality Gaming Staff

More about our Task Force

Our Task Force is made up of 4 main sections. Command, Infantry, Combined Support Group, Special Operations. All sections work to support the main Infantry platoon, the hammer of Reality Gaming. Our support sections use a variety of weapon systems and tactics to co-ordinate systematic attacks on enemy locations. We use modern weapon systems and assets to create a realistic approach to warfare.

Information on our Sections

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    Command & Control


    Task Force Operations Command and Control Element (TFOCCE) is the focal point for the synchronisation of Task Force activities within operations. Its level of authority and responsibility may vary widely. The TFOCCE can also receive special operations forces operational, intelligence, and target acquisition reports directly from deployed elements and provide them to the supported component.

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    Platoon Command


    Gambler Commanders are assisted by a Platoon Lt. who is responsible for the administration of the platoon while the Platoon Commander organises and commands the platoon, driving standards while leading battles. Their skill and personality determine how well the Platoon operates. Platoon Command are Supported by 3-0 group, a small highly trained team allowing the commanders to deploy more men, firepower and equipment where it is needed most. Specialising in medical and heavy weapons, 3-0 can be used in all ground support scenarios.

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    1st Rifles Platoon


    Our Infantry Platoon is tasked with identifying and destroying the enemy and is responsible for all conventional infantry operations, they are capable of attacking and defending and are Heavy Weapons Capable (HWC). The Platoon is broken down into 5 groups: Platoon Command, and sections Arrow, Blade and Cutlass and Dussak.

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    Combined Support Group


    Talon supports RG’s core infantry element Gambler with both air and highly mobile ground assets. Talon Air utilises a variety of standard and modified airframes to provide transport, logistics and close air support.

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    Special Operations


    RG SOG is a special operations force tasked with five primary missions: unconventional warfare (the original and most important mission of Special Forces), foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance, direct action, and counter-terrorism.

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    Lt.Col.Andrews - Founder & Head Admin

    I suppose, in a way, this place has become part of my soul. It has been a symbol of my life for past 15 years. Whatever I have done online that really matters I've done it here. What greater honor could I have.
    Andrews 2020

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    Cpt. Stabcon - Task Force Commander

    The truly great leader overcomes all difficulties, and campaigns and battles are nothing but a long series of difficulties to be overcome. The lack of equipment, the lack of food, the lack of this or that are only excuses.

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