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Mod pack install and set up guide

This area is currently being updated by the RG staff and will be completed with content shortly. If you require any help setting up your mods please contact us on the details below.


To start off you'll need the latest version of java, which you can get here

Then you'll need to download Arma3Sync from here and install it. When you start it up, it'll look something like this:


Step 1

First off you'll point the application to a folder where the downloaded mod(s) will be stored. Open the 'Addon Options' tab and click the plus button:

Then select the folder you want to store the mod (you can also right-click -> New Folder) I've made a folder inside my Arma3 installation specifically for this.
The chosen folder will now show up in the list. Because I already have a copy of the mod downloaded, it's also shown in the list below.
Step 2
Now you'll set up and synchronize the repository. Go to the 'Repositories' tab and click the plus button
In the subsequent dialog, paste this link into the top field
Click the 'Import' button and it should fill the other fields with the necessary information.
Click 'ok' and it will show a loading window for a few seconds, then the repository will be shown in the list.
Step 3
To finish setting up and synchronize the repository (i.e. download the mod) we select it in the list and click the 'connect to repository' button.
This will open a new window with details about the specified repository, including the selected download folder. It will also start checking the repository for updates.
When it has finished checking and found the 'update' it should look something like this.
From here, use the checkbox to select which items you want to download and press the 'play' button to start downloading.
And that's it. Now that the repository is set up, future updates will be quicker only downloading those files which have been changed. Additionally, you can set individual repositories to 'auto' like so.
Which will cause A3Sync to automatically update that repository whenever a new version is available. This is optional - you can also just update it manually by repeating step 3 to connect and download.  Now the mod has been downloaded to the folder you specified, and you can add it through the Arma 3 Launcher in the normal way.


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